Monday, April 27, 2009

LOT 412: Antique Incense Burner

When I first learned of Mr. Ryersson’s knack for unearthing unique and desirable “Arcanifacts,” I instantly realized that I must commission him for a piece to add to my own antiquarian collection. Having shared countless fascinating conversations with Scot through the years, many of our darkest whisperings inevitably led to continued speculations mired in the unfortunate events surrounding the demise of our late great friend and colleague, Dr. Julian Karswell. Whether actually struck by a train (as police reports have concluded), or destroyed by some terrible thing of his own design, it seemed only natural (or supernatural) that the first treasure for Scot to acquire for me should come from Karswell’s rightfully maligned, blackened estate.

-Stephen Banes (St Louis, MO)

Incense burner, instruction packet and matchbox

Burner opened to show incense grains and demon claw

Rune parchment found hidden in matchbox!

Lot 412 Instructions

Lot 412 catalog page from Karswell estate auction

Another page from Karswell estate auction catalog

(Lot 412 images taken from the private collection of the late Stephen Banes, who was found horribly mutilated on the morning of April 27th, 2009 and under mysterious circumstances, not at all unlike that of Dr. Julian Karswell.)


An account of the final days of Dr. Julian Karswell can be found in the M. R. James’ short story, Casting the Runes (click HERE), and also made into a moving picture in 1957 called Night of the Demon (aka Curse of the Demon.) More information can be found HERE.


Karswell said...

Well, as you can see, the reports of my horrible mulitation and demise are a bit overblown as I am still very much alive and only partially mutilated. I do place full blame of course upon Scot Ryersson who has yes yes yes delivered to me a great arcanifact for my collection. But a warning too, as these arcanifacts can prove lethal and/or terrifyingly real, asfor example when my "time allowed" was up, I learned the truth about not taking the passing of the runic curse seriously. (Note: emailing runic curses back to the sender as a scanned jpeg is not effective, at least not currently in the USA.)

Thanks again Scot for the tremdous (and painful) find! I just hope the demon still believes me to be dead or I--- wait... what's that sound... like a familiar tune... I... there!! THERE IN THE TREES--- AIEEEEEEEE!!!! ack!

Jessica said...
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