Sunday, May 17, 2009

WIZARD OF OZ: Wicked Witch of the West

I am now the proud owner of my own Wicked Witch of the West Arcanifact. It was a gift which I received for my 50th birthday and one that I will treasure forever. Inside the antique glass bottle are bristles from the broomstick of the Wicked Witch used to torment Dorothy, scorched by the fire with which she tried to burn the Scarecrow. These bristles are imbedded in red sand from the Witch's shattered hour glass, which counted down the moments left before Dorothy perished. The bottle is topped with burlap reminiscent of the Scarecrow's costume and sealed with black wax that has dripped down the bottle’s sides, sealing it forever. Atop the bottle is a tiny pewter flying monkey standing guard. A black satin ribbon is tied around the bottle like the one that encircles the Witch’s pointed hat. And finishing off the piece is a blue feather hand painted by Mr. Ryersson, plucked from the wing of a flying monkey. Finally, at the base of the bottle, sits a poppy pod that surely has the power to make the most Cowardly Lion curl up in a field and declare, "Come to think of it, forty winks wouldn't be bad."

This Arcanifact is truly a unique treasure that I am so happy to own and is an incredible addition to my extensive Wizard of Oz collection.

Tina Kirsimae (Oceanside, New York)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ALUCARDA: Ensanguined Tatters from Justine's Shroud

In honour of my birthday (April 22nd), I received a very strange and unusual package...My pulse quickened, and my blood ran ice cold when I first laid eyes upon this most curious artifact. Fashioned in the image of the Blessed Virgin, this vessel once contained Holy Water. Now, it holds the "Ensanguined Tatters from Justine's shroud." An inverted cross dangles above the blood-soaked cloth within; a warning that the vessel's seal is never to be broken, lest the wrath of Alucarda's lover be awakened once again from her undead slumber. The fragrant sealing wax barely masks the pungent stench of the grave, and the vessel radiates a strange energy I have never before encountered.

I daren't even ponder the fiendish secrets that linger within, hungrily awaiting release...

The creator of this stunning piece of horror fancy is award-winning artist and author Scot D. Ryersson, the mastermind behind Arcanifacts which, loosely translated, means secret thing made. Ryersson set up shop in 2007 "to further explore his artistic obsessions with the arcane and phantasmagorical." After seeing photographs of the arcanifact Ryersson produced for Karswell based on Night of the Demon, I was excited to learn that THOIA's spooktacular host had commissioned one for me, as well. Eagerly I awaited my gift, knowing nothing about it other than the Alucarda theme, and that a portion of the piece had come from Guadalajara, Mexico. The ensanguined tatters from Justine's shroud now sit proudly beneath Alucarda's portrait, adding a touch more malevolence to my living room.

-Kitty LeClaw (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

The ensanguined, bottled tatters from Justine's shroud are now permanently housed in the private collection of Kitty LeClaw, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. May God have mercy on her soul...


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