Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slivers from the Morningside Mortuary's Shotgunned Silver Sentinel Sphere

Morningside Mortuary vanished one night. The somber wake parlors, the embalming chamber, the crematorium, even the endless, maze-like, marble mausoleum halls that entombed the dead. Gone. The ominous, multi-level structure, that for well over a hundred years provided dedicated funeral service to a sleepy Southern California community, simply was not there anymore, leaving behind one very large, and very deep smoldering hole in the earth.

Morningside Mortuary (18??)
Strange rumors had persisted for nearly as long as Morningside was in business, most notably those involving the reclusive head funeral director Jebediah Morningside (aka "The Tall Man") who, not so oddly enough, also disappeared without a trace on that strange, fateful night. His secretive methods for preserving the dead are still in question today, as much so as the thousands of bodies of his deceased clients from the last century that still remain unaccounted for.

Jebediah Morningside (18??)

And now some thirty years later, the confused property ownership rights and legal red tape has been lifted and the land on which the mortuary once stood has finally been sold (and currently under development.) Public interest in this new project endeavor of course has re-awakened the puzzling “Morningside Myth” buzz and conspiracy theories in the local press, and needless to say, having been obsessed with these phantasmagorical tales for most of my life, I quickly assigned Arcanifact extraordinaire Scot D. Ryersson to acquire anything at all physical on the subject for me. And as always, with a mere handful of unearthed items in relation to Morningside and its shiver inducing, haunted history, Scot has exceeded all my expectations, with:

An amazing assortment of Morningside business cards, also a holiday card for cherished Morningside customers, and advertising clippings…

The most interesting of these ads comes from 1952 and contains an odd typo that says “MorningSTAR Funeral Home.” Could this have been some ironic slip-up from Jebediah himself when placing the ad? (FYI: One of the more curious conspiracy theories over the last few years is that “The Tall Man” was in fact some being from another planet and Morningside Funeral Home was actually his spacecraft that flew off on the night in question, for whatever reason.)

A stationery ledger heading (receipt?) showing funeral costs from 1920.

Eerie wake photos taken at Morningside of the deceased in their caskets.

Each photo contains a handwritten job number and is dated on the reverse. NOTE: further expanding on the “other world” conspiracy theories: strange, almost alien (cataloging?) symbols, see examples below.

The centerpiece of my Arcanifact contains a framed sampling of sharp, shattered, metallic fragments, as well as what appears to be a drill-bit stained with dried blood (?!!) Written on a toe tag (dated records show this tag was worn by one of Morningside’s last clients i.e.; Jody Pearson, in the weeks that led up to the disappearance of his body as well as Morningside itself) and labeled as “Slivers from the Morningside Mortuary’s shotgunned silver Sentinel Sphere.”

(Also interesting: while preparing my Arcanifact, Scot’s investigations into the actual definition of a “Sentinel Sphere”, led to a handful of peculiar theories stating these slivers are part of some form of “deadly airborne security system” designed by Jebediah Morningside himself?!!)

As you can see, these fragments are cleverly displayed inside the hollowed out pages of an antique, hardcover funeral home management book. Originating apparently from the private collection of Jebediah Morningside, this book was found, half-buried in the woods, about fifty yards from where the Morningside structure once stood. Note the dried, mustard-colored substance splashed across the book’s cover, subsequent forensic DNA examination results state: "Dried fluid of unknown, possibly alien origin.”

Once again I wish to thank Scot for assembling another jaw dropping Arcanifact for my collection, and providing us all with factual proof about Jebediah and his mortuary, forever laying to rest those lingering questions: “Did Morningside ever actually even exist? Or was it all just a dream?”

Stephen Banes, St. Louis MO
(Born: May 1st 1968 - Died: 20??)


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Karswell said...

Thanks again Scot, you've ingeniously captured the essense of yet another cult film favorite! And as my Arcanifact collection grows, so does my need for more More MORE!!! Start looking forward to your next assignment--- most likely a trip to McDougal's House of Horrors!

Phantasm Archivist said...

You, sir, are mighty talented and I very much enjoyed the documents you created for this blog entry. Bravo, booooy!

Dr.Phibes said...

Awesome collection! Scot never fails to deliver. McDougal's House of Horrors sound great too. Karswell, I assume upon your death I inherit your collections, if I spend the night and make it to sunrise at Karswell Manor.

Karswell said...

Phibes, you may not realize it but you've been dead and merely walking around under my control since the last time you came to Karswell Manor. I now command you to make me a gooey butter cake.

prof. grewbeard said...

i was privileged to see Phantasm in a theater when it was first released, amd i have to tell you that the audience was laughing it's ass off for most of it, especially the first Silver Sentinal sequence. this confused me at the time because i was a bit sensitive and serious-minded, but things have changed...

Anonymous said...

This was a really creative and interesting post. I absolutely love the Phantasm series, and because there is such an emphasis on the history of the Tall Man in the later movies, seeing these "arcanifacts" was really cool. A business card for the Tall Man? I just completely geeked out. Thanks again.